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Richard J. Rossi
March 12-13, 2004
Spring State Executive Committee Meeting
Best Western Regency Hotel & Conference Center
1 Sarbro Square
Binghamton, New York 13901


Dear Executive Officers and Fellow AMVETS:

I am very proud to be your Commander and proud of the accomplishments this Department has made. Since taking office we have chartered seven new posts and have two more waiting to be chartered. This could not have been accomplished without your hard work and the hard work being done by the Executive and Regional Directors. I am also proud to inform you that for the first time we have surpassed Massachusetts in membership by approximately three hundred to become the largest Department in the First National District. I donít see why we can't reach 10,000 members in the near future.

Last month I received a number of telephone calls from members who had just received their copy of the Empire AMVET. The members had nothing but praise regarding the contents and innovations being made in the paper. I want to publicly compliment Greg Zarpa for doing such a great job as the Empire AMVET editor. He has made a number of changes in the format and added some new columns which has made this an award winning paper. My only disappointment is that only a dozen posts sent in articles.

Speaking of change, I have spoken with members of the Executive Board and a few Past Commanders about changing the format of our Department meetings. I attended an NEC meeting in December and found their meetings to be very interesting. Instead of just getting up and reading reports at their meetings they hold all their committee meetings in front of the attending body. We could also hold training seminars such as the auxiliary does at their meetings. A number of people have told me they donít come to our meetings because they are boring so maybe the time for change has come. I am going to appoint a planning committee to see if this change is feasible.

In closing I want to remind you of the importance of attending National Conventions. As I have stated in the past, our elected officials look at our conventions to see how viable we are as a voting block. In addition lets not forget we have a candidate of our own, Art Klingel, running for National Judge Advocate.

This concludes my report and move for its adoption.

Yours in AMVETS,

Richard J. Rossi
AMVETS Department of New York

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